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> Radio Stations in 1928
Victor C. Brunsw...
post Mar 10 2008, 02:44 AM
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I have a copy of the Fall Edition of the Radio Listener's Guide and Call Book from November 1928. In it they list almost every radio station in the US that was in existence in 1928. I thought that I'd compile a list of these stations as well as who owned them back then. As this is a lengthy list I will post it in increments as an ongoing project as time permits.

Part 1: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas:


WAPI -- Alabama Polytechic Institute

WBRC -- Birmingham Broadcasting Corp., Loew's Temple Theater
WKBC -- H.L. Ansley, 1428 North Twelfth Avenue

WJBY -- Electric Construction Co., 517 Broad Street


KQFD -- Anchorage Radio Club

KFIU -- Alaska Electric Power & Light Co.

KGBU -- Alaska Radio & Service Co.


KFXY -- Mary M. Costigan, Orpheum Theater

KFAD -- Electrical Equipment Co.
KFCB -- Nielson Radio & Sporting Goods, Central Avenue at Pierce

KPJM -- Frank Wilburn, Journal Miner Building

KGAR -- Tucson Citizen, 80 South Stone Street


KLCN -- Daily Courier News

KUOA -- Central University of Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park:
KTHS -- Arlington Hotel

Little Rock:
KGHI -- Berean Bible Class, 1201 Louisiana Street
KGJF -- Central First Church of the Nazarene
KLRA -- Arkansas Broadcasting Co., 210 Center Street

KGHG -- Charles W. McCollum

Sulphur Springs
KFPW -- St. John's M.E. Church, 120 West Main Street

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Victor C. Brunsw...
post Mar 10 2008, 03:38 AM
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Part 2

Avalon, Catalina Island:
KFWO -- Major Lawrence Mott, Signal Corps, US Army

KRE -- First Congregational Church of Berkeley & Pacific School of Religion

KELW -- Earl L. White, 3702 Magnolia Avenue

El Centro:
KGEN -- E.R. Irey & F.M. Bowels, Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

KMJ -- Fresno Bee

KFQZ -- Taft Radio & Broadcasting Co., 1641 North Argyle
KMTR -- KMTR Radio Corp., 1025 North Highland Avenue

Holy City:
KFQU -- W.E. Riker

KGGM -- Jay Peters
KMIC -- J.R. Fouch, 219 North Market Street

La Crescenta:
KGFH -- Frederick Robinson, Box 63

Long Beach:
KFON -- Nichols & Warriner Inc., Jergins Trust Bldg.
KGER -- C. Merwin Dobyns, 435 Pine Avenue

Los Angeles:
KFI -- Earle C. Anthony Inc*., 1000 South Hope Street (still in existence today)
KEJK -- Macmillan Petroleum Co., 218 North Larchmont Blvd.
KFSG -- Echo Park Evangelistic Association, Angelus Temple (founded by famed 1920s evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson)
KFWB -- Warner Brothers Pictures, 5842 Sunset Blvd. (still in existence -- the call letters stood for the Five Warner Brothers)
KGEF -- Trinity Methodist Church, 1201 South Flower Street
KGFJ -- Ben S. McGlashan, 2333 West 21st Street
KHJ -- Don Lee Inc.*
KNX -- Western Broadcasting Company, 6116 Hollywood Blvd. (still in existence)
KPLA -- Pacific Development Radio Co.
KTBI -- Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 536 South Hope Street

KFWM -- Oakland Educational Society, 1520 8th Avenue
KGO -- General Electric Co. (still in existence)
KLS -- Warner Bros. Radio Supplies Co., 2201 Telegraph Avenue
KLX -- The Oakland Tribune
KTAB -- The Associated Broadcasters, 1410 Tenth Avenue

KPPC -- Pasadena Prebysterian Church
KPSN -- The Star-News

KFBK -- Kimball-Upson Co., 610 California Street (still in existence)

San Bernardino:
KFWC -- James R. Fouch, Valley Blvd.

San Diego:
KFSD -- Airfan Radio Corp., U.S. Grant Hotel
KGB -- Southwestern Broadcasting Corp. (still in existence)

San Francisco:
KFRC -- Don Lee Inc.
KFWI -- Radio Entertainments Inc., 1182 Market Street
KGTT -- Glad Tidings Temple & Bible Institute
KJBS -- Julius Brunton & Sons Co., 1380 Bush Street
KPO -- Hale Brothers and the San Francisco Chronicle
KYA -- Pacific Broadcasting Company

San Jose:
KQW -- Fred J. Hart, Sherman Clay & Co.

Santa Ana:
KWTC -- Pacific Broadcasting Federation, 1101 North Ross Street

Santa Barbara:
KFCR -- Santa Barbara Broadcasting Co., 1200 Anacapa Street

Santa Maria:
KSMR -- Santa Maria Valley Railroad Co.

Santa Monica:
KNRC -- C.B. Juneau

KGDM -- F. Peffer, 42 South California Street
KWG -- Portable Wireless Telephone Co., Commercial & Savings Bank Bldg.

KFVD -- McWhinnie Electric Co., 1825 South Pacific Avenue

*Don Lee and Earle C. Anthony were two pioneer West Coast broadcasters in the 1920s, owning radio stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
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Victor C. Brunsw...
post Mar 11 2008, 09:36 AM
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Part 3


Colorado Springs
KFUM -- Corley Mountain Highway, Mining Exchange Bldg.

KFEL -- Eugene P. O'Fallon, Argonaut Hotel
KFUP -- Fitzsimmons General Hospital, Red Cross Bldg., Educational & Recreational Department, US Army
KFXF -- Pikes Peak Broadcasting Company, Brown Palace Hotel
KLZ -- Reynolds Radio Company, Shirley Savoy Hotel
KOA (station still in existence) -- General Electric Co., 1370 Krameria Street
KOW -- Associated Industries Inc., 1429 Champa Street
KPOF -- Pillar of Fire Inc., Bellview College, 1631 California Street

KFXJ -- R.G. Howell

Fort Morgan
KGEW -- City of Fort Morgan, City Hall Bldg.

KFKA -- Colorado State Teachers College

KFHA -- Western State College of Colorado

KGDP -- Pueblo Council, Boy Scouts of America
KGHA -- George S. Sweeney & H.S. Walpole
KGHF -- Curtis P. Richie & Joe E. Finch

KGFL -- Norbert L. Cotter, 219 West Main Street

KGEK -- Beehler Electrical Equipment Co., 109 West 2nd Avenue


WICC -- Bridgeport Broadcasting Co., Inc.

WTIC -- Travelers Insurance Company

WCAC -- Connecticut Agricultural College

New Haven
WDRC -- Doolittle Radio Corp., 70 College Street


WDEL -- WDEL Inc., 405 Delaware Avenue

District of Columbia

Washington, DC
WMAL -- M.A. Leese Radio Company, 720 11th Street, NW
WRC -- Radio Corporation of America (RCA)
WRHF -- American Broadcasting Co.*, Hotel Annapolis

*not to be confused with the present-day ABC network
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Victor C. Brunsw...
post Mar 14 2008, 06:00 AM
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Part 4


WFLA -- Chamber of Commerce

WJAX -- City of Jacksonville, Waterworks Park, 1st & Main Streets

WMBL -- Benford Radio Studios, 121 North Kentucky Avenue

WQAM -- Electrical Equipment Company, 42 NW 4th Street

Miami Beach
WIOD -- Isle of Dreams Broadcasting Co.
WMBF -- Fleetwood Hotel Corp.

WDBO -- Orlando Broadcasting Co., Fort Gatlin Hotel

WCOA -- City of Pensacola, City Hall

St. Petersburg
WJBB -- Financial Journal, 126 13th Street N
WRUF -- University of Florida
WSUN -- Chamber of Commerce

WDAE -- Tampa Daily Times
WMBR -- F.J. Reynolds


WGST -- Georgia School of Technology
WSB -- The Atlanta Journal
WTHS -- Atlanta Technological High School

WRBL -- R.E. Martin

WMAZ -- Mercer University

WRBI -- Kent's Furniture & Music Store

Toccoa Falls
WTFI -- Toccoa Falls Institute


KGHB -- Radio Sales Co.
KGU (station still in existence) -- Honolulu Advertiser


KFAU -- Independent School District of Boise

KFXD -- The Service Radio Co., Main Street

KFEY -- Union High School

KSEI -- KSEI Broadcasting Association
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post Mar 18 2008, 04:24 AM
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cool neat list. i like to read bout radio stations back then.
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Victor C. Brunsw...
post Mar 18 2008, 09:07 AM
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Part 5


WTAS -- Illinois Broadcasting Corp.

WCAZ -- Carthage College

KFKX -- Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., 508 Michigan Avenue
KYW -- Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., 508 Michigan Avenue
WAAF -- Chicago Daily Drovers Journal
WBBM -- Atlass Investment Company, 728 Kimball Bldg.
WBCN -- Great Lakes Broadcasting Co., Straus Bldg.
WCFL -- Chicago Federation of Labor, 623 South Wabash Avenue
WCRW -- Clinton R. White, 2756 Pine Grove Avenue, Embassy Hotel
WEBH -- Edgewater Beach Hotel Co., 5300 Sheridan Road
WEDC -- Emil Denemark Broadcasting Station, 3860 Ogden Avenue
WENR -- Great Lakes Radio Broadcasting Co., 310 South Michigan Avenue
WGES -- Oakleaves Broadcasting Corp., 128 North Crawford Avenue
WGN (station still in existence) -- The Chicago Tribune, Drake Hotel
WHFC -- Goodson & Wilson Inc., Hotel Flanders, 4145 Broadway
WHT -- Radiophone Broadcasting Corp., 410 North Michigan Blvd.
WIBO -- WIBO Broadcasters Inc., 6312 Broadway
WJAZ -- Zenith Radio Corp., 3620 Iron Street
WJBT -- John S. Boyd, Kimball Bldg.
WKBI -- Fred L. Schoenwolf, Lincoln Trust & Savings Bank Bldg.
WLIB -- Liberty Weekly
WLS (station still in existence) -- Prairie Farmer (WLS was originally owned by Sears Roebuck and its call letters stood for World's Largest Store)
WMAQ -- Chicago Daily News, 15 North Wells Street
WMBI -- Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, 153 Institute Place
WORD -- People's Pulpit Association, 124 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY
WPCC -- North Shore Congregational Church
WSBC -- World Battery Company, 1219 South Wabash Avenue
WWAE -- Dr. George F. Courrier, 2024 South Wabash Avenue

WBAO -- James Millikin University
WJBL -- William Gushard Dry Goods Co., 301 North Water Street

WEHS -- A.T. Becker, 1318 Elmwood Avenue

WKBS -- P.N. Nelson, 227 Duffield Avenue
WLBO -- Frederick Trebbe, Jr.

WEBQ -- Tate Radio Co., 1 North Main Street

WCLS -- M.A. Felman Company, 301 East Jefferson Street
WKBB -- Sanders Bros., 607 Jefferson Street

WJBC -- Hummer Furniture Co., 2nd and Joliet Streets

WJJD -- Supreme Lodge, Loyal Order of Moose

Peoria Heights
WMBD -- Peoria Heights Radio Laboratory, 107 East Glen Avenue

WTAD -- Illinois Stock Medicine Broadcasting Corp.

KFLV -- Swedish Evangelical Mission Church

Rock Island
WHBF -- Beardsley Specialty Co., 217 Eighteenth Street (Now WKBF, a Spanish-language station, WHBF was started by a local businessman named Calvin Beardsley who set up a studio in the back of his business located at the aforementioned address. The call letters WHBF originally stood for "Where Historic Blackhawk Fought.")

WCBS -- Harold L. Dewing & Charles H. Messter, St. Nicholas Hotel

WTAX -- Williams Hardware Co., 115 South Vermillion Street

WDZ -- James L. Bush (WDZ, now based in Decatur, IL, and dating back to 1921, is the oldest radio station in Illinois. Singer/songwriter Smiley Burnette, who later became famous as Gene Autry's sidekick Frog Millhouse, was an announcer at WDZ from 1929 to 1933.)

WRM -- University of Illinois

WCBD -- Wilbur G. Voliva

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post Mar 19 2008, 12:58 AM
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QUOTE(Victor C. Brunswick @ Mar 18 2008, 04:07 AM) *
Part 5


Peoria Heights
WMBD -- Peoria Heights Radio Laboratory, 107 East Glen Avenue

Hey - I've had some experience with this station in the past and can pass along some useless trivia. tongue.gif
The station was started in the living room of some guy's house using radio equipment he built himself. The letters WMBD stand for "World's most beautiful drive" - a nickname for the nearby scenic drive overlooking the Illinois River called "Grandview Drive". As I recall it was given the nickname by Teddy Roosevelt several years earlier when he visited the place... Of course being a politician Teddy may have said this about hundreds of other places he visited but there they believed him and immortalized the comment. tongue.gif

And later on as cars became popular the drive gained a reputation as being a good place for young couples to go "watch the submarine races" in the evening. laugh.gif

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Victor C. Brunsw...
post Mar 20 2008, 09:20 AM
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Part 6


WHBU-- Citizens Bank, 1101 Meridian Street

WKBV -- Knox Battery & Electric Co., 1058 Main Street

WCMA -- Culver Military Academy

WGBF -- Evansville On the Air, Inc.

Fort Wayne
WCWK -- Chester W. Keen, 1729 Lafayette St.
WOWO -- The Main Auto Supply Co., 213 West Main Street

WJKS -- Johnson Kennedy Radio Corp., 540 Lake Street

WFBM -- Indianapolis Power & Light Co.
WKBF -- Noble B. Watson, Hoosier Athletic Club

WJAK -- J.A. Kautz, YMCA Building

WLBC -- D.A. Burton, 2224 South Jefferson Street

South Bend
WSBT -- South Bend Tribune, 225 West Colfax Avenue

Terre Haute
WBOW -- Banks of Wabash Broadcasting Assn.

WRBC -- Immanuel Lutheran Church

West Lafayette
WBAA -- Purdue University


WOI -- Iowa State College

KICK -- Red Oak Radio Corp.

KFGO -- Boone Biblical College, 924 West Second Street

Cedar Rapids
KWCR -- H.F. Paar, Cedar Rapids Broadcasting Corp., 1444 Second Avenue E
WJAM -- Waterloo Broadcasting Company, 322 Third Avenue W

KSO -- Berry Seed Company

Council Bluffs
KOIL -- Mona Motor Oil Co.

WOC -- The Palmer School of Chiropractic, 1002 Brady Street

KGCA -- Charles W. Greenley
KWLC -- Luther College

Des Moines
WHO -- Bankers Life Company, 1110 Liberty Bldg.

Fort Dodge
KFJY -- Tunwall Radio Co., 1004 Central

Iowa City
WSUI -- State University of Iowa

KFJB -- Marshalltown Electric Co., 1603 West Main St.

KTNT -- Norman Baker

WIAS -- Poling Electric Co., 107 E. 2nd St.

KFNF -- Henry Field Seed & Nursery Co.
KMA -- May Seed & Nursery Co.

Sioux City
KSCJ -- Perkin Bros. Co.


KGCN -- Concordia Broadcasting, 105 E. 5th St.

KFKU -- University of Kansas
WREN -- Jenny Wren Inc.

KSAC -- Kansas State Agricultural College

KFKB -- J.R. Brinkley, MD

WIBW -- C.L. Carrell, 901 National Reserve Life Insurance Co. Bldg.

KFH -- Rigby-Gray Hotel Co., Hotel Lassen, First & Market Streets


WFIW -- Acme Mills Co.

WHAS -- Courier-Journal & Louisville Times, 3rd & Liberty Streets
WLAP -- Virginia Avenue Baptist Church, 2600 Virginia Avenue

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Victor C. Brunsw...
post Mar 20 2008, 11:47 PM
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Part 7


Cedar Grove
KGGH -- Bates Radio & Electric Co.

New Orleans
WABZ -- Colis Place Baptist Church, 1376 Camp St.
WDSU -- Uhalt Bros., Hotel DeSoto
WJBW -- C. Carlson, Jr., 2743 Dumaine St.
WKBT -- First Baptist Church
WSMB -- Saenger Amusement Co. & Maison Blanche Co.
WWL -- Loyola University

KFDX -- 1st Baptist Church
KRMD -- Robert M. Dean, 504 Wall St.
KSBA -- Shreveport Broadcasting Co.
KWEA -- William Erwin Anthony
KWKH -- W.K. Henderson


WABI -- First Universalist Church

WLBZ -- Thompson L. Guernsey

WCSH -- Henry P. Rines, Congress Square Hotel Co.


WBAL -- Consolidated Gas, Electric Light & Power Co.
WCAO -- Monumental Radio, Inc., 848 N. Howard St.
WCBM -- Hotel Chateau, Charles St. & North Ave.
WFBR -- Baltimore Radio Show, Inc., Hoffman & Bolton Streets

Tokoma Park
WBES -- Tom F. Little


WBET -- Boston Transcript
WBIS -- The Shepard Stores
WBZA -- Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., Hotel Statler
WEEI -- The Edison Electric Illuminating Co.
WMES -- Educational Society, Barristers Hall
WNAC -- The Shepard Stores
WSSH -- Tremont Temple Baptist Church

WLOE -- New England Broadcasting Co., 56 Washington Ave.

WEPS -- Matheson Radio Co., 209 Main Street

WLEX -- The Lexington Air Station, 131 Willow Ave.

New Bedford
WNBH -- New Bedford Broadcasting Co., New Bedford Hotel

South Dartmouth
WMAF -- Round Hills Radio Corp.

WBZ -- Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., Hotel Kimball

WKBE -- K&B Electric Co., 59 Emerald Ave.

Wellesley Hills
WBSO -- Babson's Statistical Organization

WTAG -- Worcester Telegram Publishing Co., 18 Franklin St.

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Ian House
post Mar 21 2008, 03:10 AM
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QUOTE(Victor C. Brunswick @ Mar 9 2008, 08:44 PM) *

Hey Victor, is the article on television any good? I've always been fascinated by the early development of television ... and any mention of it in 1928 is just thrilling.

That young lady looks to be one of the first ever "couch potatoes". She's been parked in front of that 42" color plasma TV for so long (apparently watching the Home Shopping Network) that her legs have started to atrophy ...?

And, is it just me, or does that huckster remind you a little of world-renowned TV pitchman, Billy Mays (without the facial hair)...?

This proves two things to me. 1: Billy Mays will discover the time machine that I dream about ... and 2: His first professional job when he went back was to promote Gillette Blue Blades.

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Victor C. Brunsw...
post Mar 21 2008, 06:14 AM
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Ian -- You're right, he does look like Billy Mays! But in actuality, though it doesnt show up too well in the pic, at the bottom of the cover it says, "Posed by Johnny Mack Brown and Aileen Pringle (Metro-Goldwyn Mayer)". Johnny Mack Brown (1904-1974) was a University of Alabama halfback and 1926 Rose Bowl MVP who would eventually go on to star in B-Westerns. Aileen Pringle (1895-1989) was a silent film actress who later in life was briefly married to The Postman Rings Twice author James M. Cain. Born into a wealthy family she was the archtypical snob in real life, a quality that didn't quite endear her to her fellow actors. On November 19, 1924 Aileen Pringle had the dubious distinction of being among the guests aboard William Randolph Hearst's yacht Oneida -- the media mogul was throwng a birthday party for silent film director and producer Thomas Ince. That night Ince died of a supposed heart attack at age 42, though many believe that he was murdered.

The article entitled, Television for the Experimenter discusses a mechanical disk scanner TV system developed by television pioneer Ulises A. Sanabria at WCFL which was the first TV station in Chicago. The article has some really interesting photographs, schematics and drawings of the disc scanner receiver.

Laughland -- Many of the early radio stations had homemade equipment. I think the 1920s -- before the advent of the major broadcasting networks that would come to dominate the airwaves in the next decade -- was a very exciting time for radio whether you were an engineer developing the technology, an early broadcaster/radio performer, or just simply a listener fiddling with a crystal set (or an early tube set, if you could afford one) trying to tune into the Coon-Sanders Nighthawk Orchestra in far off Kansas City or later Chicago, not to mention thousands of amateur setbuilders and experimenters. Looking through the list of the original owners of these radio stations, such as the Pueblo (Colorado) Council of the Boy Scouts of America or the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, one wonders and can imagine what must have been a decidedly eclectic variety of programming that was offered back then!

I also love the early radios from the 1920s, they have that wonderfully exotic appearance, like equipment from Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.

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post Mar 26 2008, 02:53 PM
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KYW -- Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., 508 Michigan Avenue

Westinghouse not long after this moved KYW, one of the first stations in Chicago, to Philadelphia.

Hal Vickery
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Victor C. Brunsw...
post Mar 26 2008, 07:40 PM
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Part 8


Battle Creek
WKBP -- Battle Creek Enquirer & News

Bay City
WSKC -- World's Star Knitting Co.

Berrien Springs
WEMC -- Emmanuel Missionary College

WAFD -- Albert B. Parfet Co., Charlotte St. & Woodward Ave.
WBMH -- Braun's Music House, 13214 East Jefferson Ave.
WJR -- Good Will Station WJR, Inc. & Detroit Free Press, General Motors Bldg. & Book-Cadillac Hotel
WMBC -- Michigan Broadcasting Co., Savoy Hotel
WWJ -- Evening News Association

East Lansing
WKAR -- Michigan State College

WFDF -- Frank D. Fallain, 513 South Saginaw St.

Grand Rapids
WASH -- Baxter Laundries Inc.
WOOD -- Walter B. Stiles, Inc., Hotel Rowe

WIBM -- C.L. Carrell

WMPC -- First Methodist Protestant Church

WKBZ -- Karl L. Ashbacker, First National Bank Bldg.

Mt. Clemens
WGHP -- George H. Phelps Studio, 1408 Maccabee Bldg., Detroit

WCX -- Detroit Free Press

Royal Oak
WAGM -- Robert L. Miller, 309 South Main Street

WJBK -- Ernest F. Goodwin, 803 Congress St.

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post Mar 27 2008, 05:11 AM
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Followup: KYW's license was transferred to Philadelphia by Westinghouse in 1934. Up to that time it had been Chicago's oldest radio station. After that WMAQ held that honor until it was de-activated by CBS radio on August 1, 2000. Now that honor belongs to WGN radio.

Here is an interesting web site that gives a nice overview of radio and television broadcasting in Chicago that was put together by a veteran Chicago TV newsman, Rich Samuels:


It includes a history of WMAQ radio, which was the NBC O&O station in Chicago and the source of a number of important OTR programs. I was fascinated by the pictures and floor plans of the station's studios in the Merchandise Mart.

Hal Vickery
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post May 15 2008, 09:51 PM
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thats a cool list i have a mic that has f.j.reynold inst. tampa florida on it with call letters PAM on the top
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