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Dismuke's Message Board _ Announcements _ Archived Hit of the Weeks Temporarly Down

Posted by: dismuke Apr 2 2007, 04:39 AM

I am having a billing issue with the company that provides the server that the music and image files for the Hit of the Week updates are stored on. My account is a yearly pre-pay which automatically renews every March. In early March I checked and the account it looked like it renewed just fine. Unfortunately, since the last time I renewed, my credit card on file expired - which , of course, caused the auto renewal to bounce. For whatever reason, the company never informed me of this and shut off access to my account without any advance notice on April 1 - a Sunday when the company's billing offices are closed. I have updated my credit card information in my account - but it looks like I am going to have to phone them during business hours to get everything reactivated. I hope to have this situation corrected by sometime during the day on Monday April 2.

In the meanwhile, I have moved all of the image and audio files for the current update and for the archived March 2007 updates to a different server so that people can at least access those in the meanwhile. However, this means that, until the account gets turned back on, the image and audio files on archived updates prior to March 2007 will not be working. It is possible that the server will come back online before I will have a chance to remove this message, so if you are reading this sometime late in the day on April 2, you might want to go ahead and check and see. The easiest way to tell is to see if the pictures are showing on those pages. If not, the server is still down. If you are rechecking a page that was not working earlier you might want to refresh the page in your browser so that you will know you are not just looking at a cached copy.

The server that is impacted is the one that the Message Board used to be housed on before it was hit by the hacker - so at least one happy consequence of the hack is that the Message Board is not impacted by this outage.

I apologize for this inconvenience. Hopefully everything will be back working again soon.

Posted by: dismuke Apr 3 2007, 02:31 AM

Everything should be working again.

The whole experience has been a bit frustrating as nobody at the service answers the phones. And my emails to them have yet to be answered. But the bottom line is the charge went through and the service has been restored. So I have a year to transfer my files to the hosting service where everything of mine will eventually be consolidated and will not have to do it in a big rush which was what I was planning on doing if things were not restored by this evening.

A bit of a suggestion to everyone who is considering purchasing web hosting. DO NOT host your domain with the same company that provides you with your web hosting. Some people will give you free domains with web hosting. And I am afraid that some of my domains are set up that way too. But the problem with that is if you end up in a billing or some other kind of dispute with one of these services they basically can block access to everything, including your domain. The one thing I had going for me in this instance here is my domain, which is where the impacted image and audio files pointed to, is hosted by an entirely different company. So, in a worst case scenario, I always had the option of uploading my backup copy of the files to another server and point the domain to that server. So long as you have independent control over your domains, you always have the ability to switch to a new hosting service very quickly and easily - and if your old and new accounts are still active during the transition, you don't even get much in the way of downtime during the time period it takes for your new domain destination to propagate.

I will keep this thread up for a few days so people who encountered difficulties will be aware of what happened - and then I will delete it as it quickly won't be of much use.

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