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Posted by: dismuke Nov 19 2005, 09:16 PM

I have just updated the Radio Dismuke website ( and to include the active playlist for both the free, ad supported and the VIP Member premium streams. They playlists will display the current selection plus the two previous selections. For those who listen to the station with the Live 365 player window, this is not such a big deal. But I occasionally hear from listeners who listen to the station through itunes or winamp and do not have the player window. Such listeners can now go to the Radio Dismuke website and see the information about the songs they are hearing - which, to me, is one of the really neat advantages that Internet radio has over conventional AM/FM radio. How many times have you heard a song on the radio that was interesting and yet, after it was played, you never got a chance to hear its name or learn the name of the artist?

I think displaying the active selections on the website might also encourage some of the visitors who might have somehow surfed their way to the website to take the next step and give the station a listen.

Posted by: Vince Sep 28 2007, 11:26 PM

I can't recommend the VLC Media Player highly enough! It is free at

I plays virtually everything--CDs, DVDs, all sorts of files and streams. You will discover that it is easy to save the URLs for streams as little files, which you can open by double-clicking. I have a folder with these icons for a dozen radio stations and streams. It will also go looking for podcasts and streams and list them for you. Tens of thousands of them, and yet it's easy to find them by categories. And it will translate all sorts of files, and capture and translate streams, into a wide variety of formats.

No spyware, adware, etc. It doesn't try to take over your computer. And none of the hangups with downloading codec after codec, as with you-know-whose media player.

And, relevant to Dismuke's comments: It displays the current selection when you are listening to Radio Dismuke.

Posted by: Roseman Sep 29 2007, 02:53 AM

Hello Vince,

Welcome to the board. Here's hoping you find your time here delightful and enjoyable. And with your first post you have got my attention with this VLC Media player. I'm always interested in finding new 'toys' to play my music with and finding new features.

Maybe you can answer a couple quick questions, before I begin exploring it further.

Does it co-exist with other players well? I use Real and WM as my primary players for different options and would not want to give that up. Can it just sit in the background until asked to play?

Also, many sites hide their url or use a secondary url to stream their music and some use a default player, so will this player grab and display the correct url?


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