The fourth semi-annual Nauck's Vintage Records broadcast hosted by Kurt Nauck of will air at multiple times on Saturday November 10, Sunday November 11 and Saturday November 17.

Nauck's Vintage Records is the world's largest and most prestigious auction house of rare and vintage 78 rpm and cylinder records. The broadcast is held in conjunction with Nauck's current auction which closes November 17. Kurt generously makes available to Radio Dismuke listeners selections from the over 10,000 vintage recordings featured in the auction.

During the broadcasts, Radio Dismuke will depart from its strictly 1920s and 1930s popular music and jazz format to feature recordings from the dawn of recorded sound in the late 1800s through the end of the 78 rpm era in the 1950s. The recordings will come from a wide variety of genres ranging from jazz, to pop, to blues, to classical, to operatic, to ethnic and spoken word recordings and more.

One of the things that makes these broadcasts unique is that Kurt will be playing early wax cylinders on his Archeophone, a modern machine designed specifically for the playback and preservation of vintage cylinder recordings. With its $16,000 price tag, few private collectors can afford to own an Archeophone and they are mostly found in archives and national libraries - but during the broadcast, you will get to hear one in action.

The Nauck's broadcasts provide a unique opportunity for Radio Dismuke listeners to hear and enjoy recordings that, in many cases, are extremely rare and have not been reissued or performed in public in many decades.

For November's broadcast we are experimenting with a new schedule format. On previous broadcasts, the program during the morning on two consecutive Saturdays and during the evening on a Sunday. Because the broadcasts can sometimes be rather lengthy (the one that aired last April was 7 hours) many listeners had difficulty being available to catch all 7 hours.

This time around, the broadcast will start at 11:00 AM Central Time in the United States on Saturday, November 10. It will then continuously repeat throughout the day Saturday and all day on Sunday, November 11. Normal Radio Dismuke programing will resume early Monday morning as soon as the last airing of the Nauck's broadcast has completed. The broadcast will then be aired again on Saturday, November 17 at 8:00 AM Central Time in the United States and be rebroadcast throughout the day. Normal Radio Dismuke programing will resume that Sunday morning as soon as the last airing of the Nauck's broadcast has completed.

Because the broadcast has not yet been recorded, the exact length is not yet known. Previous broadcasts have lasted between 5 and 7 hours. However, once the exact length is known, it will be posted to the Radio Dismuke website so that listeners will have an estimate of when the various replays of the broadcast will start.

Our hope is that this new schedule format will provide people in various time zones and those who have busy schedules more convenient opportunities to tune in. It will also enable those who miss portions of the broadcast to have more opportunities to tune in again later.

For more information about the broadcast and to find the specific start times in your timezone, visit the Radio Dismuke website at

Please accept my apologies for my delay in posting this to the Message Board. This information has been up on the website and has been mentioned in announcements on the station for a number of days now. Unfortunately, things have been extremely busy for me this past week which delayed my putting it up here.