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Full Version: Radio Dismuke Blog Active Again
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I have decided to start the Radio Dismuke blog back up again after several months of inactivity. While the issue of the ongoing Internet radio royalty crisis will certainly be one of the topics discussed on the blog, it will no longer be the only topic. An explanation of the blog's new scope along with a link to a very vague and brief update on the royalty situation can be found in the February 14th posting. I won't be updating the blog every single day - but it will be updated much more frequently than it was when it was last active.

The Radio Dismuke blog can be found at:
Somehow I did not find out about your blog until today. (Probably because I am so overwhelmed with information.) I tried to subscribe to get your blog by E-mail but I can't find a way.

Blogspot has no help for readers of blogs. All links for help go to, and that information is only for blog writers. (I tried clicking on "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)", but that opens a mysterious window that seems to have some kind of icons for instant messaging (which I do not use), or it downloads a junk file that seems to contain some raw version of the blog text. I don't see anything else on your page that I can try clicking.)

Is it possible for me to sign up on Blogspot to get an E-mail subscription to your blog, or is it something you would have to add to your blog page?

You have a great message board. I wish there were some way to get your message board to provide the functions you get from Blogger.

Hi Lloyd -

Unfortunately, Blogger does not have a feature that allows for postings to be emailed to subscribers.

As for the Atom feed link that you clicked on, that is called a newsfeed which enables content providers to syndicate their program to other websites or to special software programs that people use to keep up with such content. What it does is enables one to keep up with a variety of things such as blogs, news headlines and such all in one location. There are special software programs that you can download which will let you view such feeds - and that might be the route to go for someone who has a lot of them to keep up with. But what works best for most people is to use them in conjunction with a personalized homepage from either Yahoo or Google.

On Yahoo, their personalized homepage service is called My Yahoo and the URL is For it to work, you need to have a Yahoo ID and be logged in. Once you are logged in, you can click on "Personalize This Page" and then on "Add Content" It will then ask you to enter in an RSS feed. Enter in this URL: (don't follow the link here as you will either see nothing or gibberish - the link works only for websites and software that can read feeds)
Once you have added the feed, you will then see a listing of the titles of recent postings on my blog. You can also add similar content from other websites you keep up with - for example, in addition to blogs, many newspapers and other websites have feeds which will let you see news headlines, financial news, sports headlines, etc.

Personally, I prefer Google's service as it is less clunky than Yahoo's and enables you to actually read most of the postings in the Google page rather than just the headlines. Their personalized page service is called iGoogle and the URL is: You can also find it by simply going to and clicking on the link for iGoogle. As with the Yahoo service, you need to have a free ID and password and be logged in to use it. For me the Google service is especially convenient as that is the search engine I use most - so as long as I am signed in, I get that page instead of the normal Google page. To use that service, click on the "Add Stuff" link. On the left side of the page, click on the link for "Add Feed Or Gadget" A little box will pop up asking for a URL. Simply enter in: Once you return back to the main page, you will see headlines for my blog. By clicking on the plus signs, you can actually read the postings right there in the iGoogle page - though you will not be able to see such things as YouTube clips.

The google service is also nice because, in addition to newsfeeds, they also enable you to add all sorts of very useful "gadgets" For example, I have on my iGoogle page neat little gadgets what will let me do currency conversions, area code lookups, ip address lookups, metric conversions, language translations and even one that gives me a little keyboard where I can copy foreign letters such as or without having to use the character map on my computer. All of that - along with newspaper headlines and the blogs plus all of the ordinary features one already gets with Google are right at my fingertips.

Hopefully all of the above makes sense. It is much easier to show someone that to describe it in a posting.

I highly recommend newsfeeds for people who are interested in a lot of blogs but do not have the time to visit all of the on a regular basis. Through the feed, one can keep an eye on the headlines and choose to visit only when it looks like it might be something of interest. It is also great for keeping up with blogs that only put up postings on an occasional basis. That way, you can be informed when there is new content without having to keep visiting it - which gets old after awhile if there is almost never anything new.

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