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Full Version: Song by (I think) Spike Jones...
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Thought the song by Spike Jones I was looking for was "Traffic jam"...

Can't find it!

I used to have it... was a cute instrumental Conga with car and truck horns in it... I'm sure it was his more later works...

Maybe I have the wrong artist? Wrong title...

Does anyone know what song I might be thinking of?

It's definitely a conga.
I'm familiar with that piece. I think I have it in my Spike Jones collection. Any way I can help?
Someone emailed the info already, but thanks!

The title was called, "Frantic Freeway!!"
Hi Greggy.

Yes it's called Frantic Freeway. Not one of Jones's best tracks, but Spike Jones is Spike Jones.
Oh I think it's one of his best! I have a thing for congas!
QUOTE (gregoryagogo @ Aug 7 2011, 01:44 PM) *
I have a thing for congas!

This has definite possibilities for use as a punchline... wink.gif
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