What's in a name? If it happens to be Ben or Bennie or Benny then it just might be hot jazz and more.

Here are some I came up with. These obviously are just a few names of band leaders but there are a lot
of others plus sidemen that carry the 'Ben' handle as well. **

Ben Bernie
Ben Pollock
Ben Selvin
Bennie Moten
Benny Goodman

A couple of selections are offered here to tickle your ears. Some fine clarinet instrumentation on both pieces.

Ben Pollock - WAITIN' FOR KATIE - 1927

Benny Goodman - GIVE ME THOSE GOOD OLD DAYS - 1948


Ben Thigpen (dm), Ben Webster (ts), Bennie Green (tb), Ben Heller (g),
Benny Altschuler (vc), Benny Bloom (tp), Benny Morton (tb),
Benny Strong (ldr), Benny Davis (Writer of poplar songs) - Margie - Baby Face
Benny Powell (tbns), Bennie Paine (p), Ben Richardson (as),
Benny Bailey (tp), Ben Williams (cl, as), Benny Washington (dm),
Bennie Krueger (ldr), Benny Meroff (ldr), Benny Carter (ldr)