I googled up some info on Oscar Clow several years ago. He was from Tacoma, Washington, and his milling business was there. He also had a roofing company which operated in Tacoma and Portland, Ore., and he developed and/or designed several buildings in Tacoma, including the Annobee Apartments, which housed Radiotone Recording.

His middle name may have been Blane or Blaine, rather than Blair. As a songwriter he was always credited as just "O.B. Clow."

Tacoma Public Library has a short bio of Clow along with a few photographs.
Here he is in the Radiotone studio in 1940. Let's hope he didn't sit on that pile of platters!

In case anybody wants to see Diz' page on Clow and hear 4 of his songs, the link is here.