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Full Version: The Eight Popular Victor Artists
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I must say that the Hit of the Week Extra was a suprise and treat with an electrical recording of the Eight Popular Victor Artists. Billy Murray, Henry Burry, Albert Campbell, and Frank Croxton were great recording artists from the acoustic era and are featured well with a medley of their recording hits in the electrical recording format.

It was great to hear Rudy Weidoft reprise on "Saxophobia," his hit recording that also first appeared following World War I.

A great sampler from a by gone era. rolleyes.gif
Glad you liked it ! I found that record a long time ago. It is also one of my favorite early electric records, especially the rendition of Casey Jones by Billy Murray !
Matt, thank you. Casey Jones sung by Billy Murray in the electrical format is perfectly understandable and great to listen to. It is definitely an American folk song.
Here is a bit of trivia concerning this record. The "Eight Popular Victor Artists" record was the earliest electric Victor to be issued. It was intended to be a demonstration record of the new electric process for the big shots at Victor. It turned out so well that Victor eventually issued it. It is not the first Victor electric which is Victor 19626 but is was recorded in late February 1925, Victor 19626 was recorded in March.
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